[Dev] [ANNOUNCEMENT]: 4 students working on the Spatial4j project

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[Dev] [ANNOUNCEMENT]: 4 students working on the Spatial4j project

I'd like to announce the support of 4 student interns that are supporting Spatial4j.  You might see activity from them during the next several months (and hopefully beyond).

The following 3 students are joining via a program called "Open Academy" generously sponsored by Facebook that enables students to work on an open-source project in exchange for college credit.  This in turn would not have been possible were it not for Spatial4j joining Eclipse's new LocationTech group.  Spatial4j & JTS are participating in Open Academy in a joint way.  This program started last week and will proceed through mid-April at a level of effort per student similar to taking a class (e.g. 8 hours/week).

Chris Pavlicek: University of Alberta. His first task will be a geodetic version of a buffered line-string -- https://github.com/spatial4j/spatial4j/issues/51

* Rebecca Alford: Carnegie Melon.  Her first task will be computing a geodetic bounding circle algorithm: https://github.com/spatial4j/spatial4j/issues/54

* Daniel TongUniversity of Illinois Urbana Champaign. He'll start working with JTS (with Martin Davis as mentor) and might possibly support Spatial4j after.

The following student worked as a co-op/intern at MITRE with me from about a month ago continuing thru the end of this week at full-time during the period:

Evana Gizzi: U-Mass Lowell.  She's been working on a generating a polygon from a circle using a geodetic error tolerance, and doing one that circumscribes the original circle instead of inscribes -- https://github.com/spatial4j/spatial4j/issues/57  

~ David

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